To let your pet free on your lawn or leash? All around the world pet owners are in dilemma, residents of Commerce, MI, are no exception. As responsible pet owners you are concerned about pedestrians’ safety, in some cases unleashed pets on lawns have attracted lawsuits on owners. However, as a pet lover you would like to give your pet the freedom to move around, and enjoy open spaces, and of course that’s what most animals want! As loving pet owners, you are also concerned with your pet’s safety. What if we tell you that you can keep everybody happy with an invisible fence?

At Pet Containment Services, we offer customized invisible pet fences for the residents of Commerce, Michigan. We understand that every pet, its owner, and the front yard, backyard, and indoors, may have their own requirements. It is exactly why we recommend scheduling an appointment with us and help us understand your requirements. Based on this feedback, our professionally trained and experts in the field will come up with a solution unique to your requirements.

After installing the system, we can work with your pets and train them for best results. Typically, it first warns with an audible warning tone, on most pets this warning has proven sufficient. However, if your pet is adventurous and stubborn, it provides an additional reminder via a gentle static correction, and lets her know that she has reached the end of her territory. This amount of correction can be completely customized to the pet’s requirements and behavior­. Also, this technology has been tested to be completely safe and effective way of teaching your pet the right behavior.

Apart from installing this system, we also repair your existing hidden pet fences. We service ALL brands including Pet Stop®, Innotek® , Invisible Fence® and PetSafe®, and Dog Guard.

Our costs on repair, installations, and training are guaranteed low! We are a family owned business and have no franchise fees, eliminating the extra cost. In fact, we are extremely cost effective than any other national brand. Residents of Commerce, contact Pet Containment Services LLC today for a free quote on a new hidden pet fence or to schedule a service call!

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