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Pet Containment Services specializes

in hidden pet fence installation,

training & service.

Pet Containment Services specializes in hidden pet fence installation, training and service. Much more cost effective than the national brands, we are a family owned business that wants to make a better life for you and your pet. We take care of every detail from beginning to end in the installation and training process. Call us for a free quote and let us help your pet enjoy the safety and freedom of their yard!

When getting a new system, there are many factors to consider such as the size of your yard, how many pets you have, what your needs are indoors, and the proper equipment for your breed of dog. Giving a price over the phone without understanding all of these factors is very difficult. We offer free in-home consultations and will stay as long as we have to until all your questions are answered!

At Pet Containment Services

…we install custom underground pet fences in Southeast, MI to keep your pet safely contained. Michigan pet owners can now save thousands compared to other electric pet fence companies. Every pet and home is unique, so our professionals install a customized hidden fence to fit your pet’s needs outdoors, and even have special units for indoors, as well. 

Our trainers then gently introduce your pet to his new boundaries and ensure that he will be safely contained in the yard. Our indoor units help you keep your furry friend away from areas inside that need to be “Pet-Free”. The Service technicians at Pet Containment Services are professionally trained and can troubleshoot and repair any problems you are having with your existing hidden pet fence. Contact Pet Containment Services for a free quote on a new electric pet fence or to schedule a service call!

We know how people feel when it comes to paying the high costs to repair your existing hidden fence. We are a family owned business and have no franchise fees. We pride ourselves on being much more cost effective than the national brands.

We service ALL brands including Pet Stop®, Innotek® , Invisible Fence® and PetSafe®, and Dog Guard.

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