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Underground Fence Services in Ann Arbor Michigan

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Hi, my name is Shane Whelan, and welcome to Pet Containment’s website where I will show you how to get a simple online proposal to keep your pet safe.

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We’ve created this unbelievable free tool for you to give you the answers to these important questions and challenges every pet owner in Birmingham f:

What is an invisible fence and why do you need one?

An underground fence wire is put underground through the perimeter of the yard and flagged to keep the pet safe

Do I need to spend thousands so that my pet can get some exercise?

Traditional fences are effective but the perfect underground fence will save you thousands and still let you see the yard.

Is there an adjustable level so that my pet doesn’t get hurt?

Yes, there are numerous settings to keep your pet safe without hurting them.

What do you do if you feel like it simply won’t work on your pet?

As a locally owned family business, we can guarantee your pet will be safely contained

When looking for an invisible fence in Birmingham make sure you ask the correct questions

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Great service, follow up and value.

Review of Pet Containment Services

Excellent company and helpful service. Shane, the owner, took the time to do a pre visit and quote out the job. He is organized and the installation was very professional. He did a thorough job, was professional and cared about training the dogs after the system was operable. Very clean in how he dug and installed the system. He ensured the grass was put back in place and the house was in the same shape as when he arrived. My dogs have calmed down, respect the perimeters Shane set with my approval and I would highly recommend. The question is why didn't I call Shane sooner?

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Mike M.

Hidden fence install Birmingham

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